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Release Yourself From The Diet, Binge, Over-Exercise Trap!

Have You Been Battling Food and Your Body For YEARS? It's Time To Break The Cycle!


Let me guess, you've tried EVERYTHING. One week you're on the keto diet telling yourself you've FINALLY figured it out. All of a sudden you're ripping open a bag of cookies on autopilot and wondering how you got there. In a panic of remorse you resort to doing fasted cardio every morning. You feel so exhausted and sore, then decide to have one cheat meal that turns into a weekend binge. You tell yourself Monday you will start over yet again and spend your entire Sunday meal prepping CONVINCED this is the solution to the problem. By the time you're eating your 11th bland tupperware meal of the week those cookies are calling your name again...

I used to be just like you. I was obsessed with finding the perfect diet solution to my problems. I HATED my body. I cut carbs out of my diet only to find myself bingeing on the weekend because my body was crying for food. I punished myself by throwing on a weight vest and torturing myself on the stair master. I begrudgingly ate fish and salad tupperware meals. I actually thought the food I ate meant something about my character! I believed I was "good" when I ate clean and I believed I was a horrible person when I ate a "forbidden food".

I was stuck in this trap until I had a profound AHA moment and realized the answer to my suffering was within ME, just as the answer to your suffering is within YOU! You will never find true health and fitness jumping into whatever trend the newest stranger on the internet preaches as the next best "lifestyle." These trends are only holding you back and perpetuating the problem!

Investing all of your energy into hating your body and listening to other people's diet opinions has taken away your power. Invest in yourself! You will only be able to step into your power when you go within and heal the root cause of what keeps leading you down this path. You aren't consciously aware of why you're still self sabotaging because something in your subconscious mind is controlling this reoccurring pattern!

You're probably wondering how to discover and clear these subconscious blocks? Well, that's my area of expertise and this is where I come in. Yes! Not only have I been in your shoes, I'm also trained to guide you to empower yourself to break these reoccurring cycles that do not serve you! 

Imagine a life where you never have to go on another diet again. This is within your grasp! I have helped countless women just like you let go of their food woes and body image issues, and create a life where the desire to eat balanced became second nature!

"I didn't realize that my body shame was causing me to hide my true self. Not only did Alicia help me to begin to love, respect and appreciate my body, but she has helped me remove the mask I had been hiding behind for years." - Ali L, Prince George BC ...Read More...

You Hold The Power To Change Your Story

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