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Release Yourself From The Diet, Binge, Over-Exercise Trap

Have You Been Battling Food and Your Body For YEARS? It's Time To Break The Cycle and Create The Body Confidence You Deserve

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"I didn't realize that my body shame was causing me to hide my true self. Not only did Alicia help me to begin to love, respect and appreciate my body, but she has helped me remove the mask I had been hiding behind for years." - Ali L, Prince George BC ...Read More...

Welcome, my beautiful friend! Let me guess, you are trapped feeling uncomfortable and unworthy in your body? I know more than anyone what it’s like to live this way. In fact, I hated my body for years. When I decided I could no longer live this way I took empowered action, embarked on a healing journey and finally made peace with food and my body. YOU can too! Read about my story…

We often feel pressured by external factors such as counterproductive diets disguised as “lifestyles”, social media, and mainstream fitness pop culture. All of these external factors lead us to comparing ourselves to others, continuing to search for the solution to our body image issues through external factors, and further bullying our bodies with our minds

But these are only the external factors, and the only way to overcome your body shame is to go within. Investing all of your energy into hating your body and listening to other people's diet opinions has taken away your power. Invest in yourself! You will only be able to step into your power by addressing the internal factors and healing the root cause of what keeps leading you down this path. You likely aren't consciously aware of why you're still self sabotaging. I have a strong sense you haven't been taught how to communicate with your subconscious mind...

You're probably wondering how to discover and clear these subconscious blocks? Well, that's my area of expertise and this is where I come in. Yes! Not only have I been in your shoes, I'm also trained to guide you to empower yourself to break these reoccurring cycles that do not serve you! Imagine a life where you can finally feel free in your body and confident with your food choices! This freedom is all within your grasp lovely! 

You Hold The Power To Change Your Story

Take Empowered Action And Invest In YOU!

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