What is Body Confidence Coaching?

Do you relate to any of the following? 

  • negative self talk and negative body comments
  • battle restrictive eating, binge eating or yoyo between the two
  • struggle to become motivated
  • feel the need to justify your food choices with intense exercise
  • constantly think about your body's appearance when defining your fitness goals
  • label foods as “good” and “bad” and allow the foods you eat to define how you view yourself as a person
  • feel guilty if you miss a work out
  • feel stressed about weighing yourself or weigh yourself obsessively
  • bounce from one diet or cleanse to the next
  • spend much of your time thinking about food and reading about dieting online
  • isolate yourself from social settings due to food
  • associate negative feelings to food such as guilt, shame, remorse, etc
  • compare yourself to others
  • constantly tell yourself you're "starting over" 

Feeling good in our bodies transfers over into all aspects of our lives  


Coaching Services

Online Life Coaching

You can access ongoing support affordably without the stress of commuting, parking, and flipping your whole day around. Video meetings allow you to feel at ease in your own chosen environment. Email support between meetings may be provided to keep your self development flowing. This process begins with a discovery questionnaire, followed by immediate support and recommendations.

Personal Training

Alicia is highly passionate about strength training, and is certified in Functional Movement Systems (FMS), and Pre & Post Natal Fitness (PPFS). Initial assessment includes a lifestyle chat, functional movement screen, and strength and cardiovascular testing to design a functional exercise program tailored to your goals. Programming will be designed to help you become stronger utilizing corrective exercise, functional movement patterns, a variety of strength training techniques, and appropriate cardiovascular guidelines. Personal training clients have the option to add on weekly or biweekly life coaching sessions to ensure their emotional wellness is prioritized in the process.

Book a complimentary discovery session for either service, or both HERE