We Are In This Together 

Work with Alicia intensively one-on-one to find the freedom you've always desired! This is a collaborative effort and together you will create a deep inner transformation so that you can get your life back and stop feeling controlled by food, body image and exercise! Coaching is confidential and your privacy is always respected.

Alicia Specializes In:

  1. Overcoming body dysmorphia
  2. Creating balance with food and conquering fear foods
  3. Ending the over-exercise battle
  4. Breaking free from binge eating, emotional eating, and yoyo dieting
  5. Trauma release and letting go of the past
  6. Confidence, empowerment, and embodiment
  7. Mindfulness
  8. Intuitive eating
  9. Reverse dieting (adding in more food for past chronic dieters)
  10. Self love and self care practices

How many of these areas do you desire to improve on? If negative body image, disordered eating, or exercise obsession are hindering your mental and emotional health in any way, you are worthy of healing! Book your complimentary FOOD FREEDOM discovery call right HERE!