Eating Disorder Recovery

Exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle, however it can be triggering for those who have battled food and their bodies. Alicia is recovered from orthorexia and anorexia, and she supports those who are cleared to exercise in their own recoveries. Alicia says the biggest mistake she made in recovery regarding fitness was getting back into the gym without doing corrective exercise first. She learned from her own mistakes and expanded her knowledge as a fitness professional. Alicia’s interpersonal experience recovering from an eating disorder combined with her knowledge of corrective exercise and life coaching makes her the ideal personal trainer for those who are ready to incorporate exercise into their lives healthily in recovery and beyond.

Please consult with your doctor prior to beginning an exercise program.

Ongoing training:

  • One-on-one: $90/one hour, $55/half hour.

  • Partner: $120/one hour, $75/half hour.

One offs:

  • One-on-one: $100/one hour, $60/half hour.

  • Partner: $130/one hour $80/half hour