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Alicia Putinski is a certified Personal Training Specialist, Functional Movement Systems Coach, Pre/Post Natal Fitness Specialist and NLP Life Coach.

Her contemporary training style is composed of a fine balance of scientific practice and intuition. Alicia is well known for movement and form correction, functional strength training, and mindset motivation. When you train with Alicia you will receive very attentive and enthusiastic service tailored to your unique needs. Thanks to Alicia’s knowledge in corrective exercise, you’re in great hands to reduce risk of injury and become stronger than ever before. Working with a Personal Trainer who is also a Life Coach is an incredible experience. Not only will you have the opportunity to strengthen the physical body, your mental and emotional health will be prioritized as well.

Movement is a passion of Alicia’s. She danced for 14 years, which included children’s roles in the Alberta ballet for 4 seasons. She played various sports growing up with an emphasis on track and field. Interestingly enough, Alicia spent a few years of her young adult life inactive, so she really understands what it’s like to start over and is very empathetic toward her clients. Once she discovered the gym again she was elated to learn a variety of strength training methods. When she put her focus into powerlifting she obtained an elite level bench press in her weight class and loves to help her clients work toward exciting goals.


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Functional Movement & Strength Training

Building strength starts with moving well. Corrective exercise will help you address underlying mobility, stability and motor control issues, which aids in injury prevention and leads to more advanced training.



Eating Disorder Recovery

Exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle, however it can be triggering for those who have battled food and their bodies. Alicia is recovered from orthorexia and anorexia, and she supports those who are cleared to exercise in their own recoveries.



Pre/Post Natal Fitness

Alicia loves supporting women who are bringing life into the world. Exercise during pregnancy can reduce the risk of developing gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and preeclampsia by 40% and pre natal depression by 25%.



Online Programming

Get your own custom made online program complete with video references. Choose to get a program on its own or a program and accountability calls!



Life Coaching

Health and fitness is not solely limited to what we do in the gym. If you are feeling stuck, lacking motivation, battling poor self/body image, or struggling to develop and commit to healthy habits, Alicia is here to help.


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Maria Foo, personal training

“Getting back into fitness after years of procrastination was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Investing in training with Alicia completely transformed my mind and body. She is motivating, supportive, and knows when to push me intuitively. Having a trainer who knows the technicalities of training is great, but the best trainers also know how to encourage and inspire like Alicia does.”


Karen Xie, Personal training

“I’ve been working with Alicia for over 3 years and she is constantly challenging me. I came to her with no weight training experience after having 3 children. She corrected my movement patterns then introduced me to powerlifting. I’m amazed at how strong I am now - I can bench press over 100 lb for my one rep max! I highly recommend training with Alicia”


Jason Arsenault, Online Programming

“I met Alicia when she was teaching group classes a number of years ago. When she decided to go out on her own I knew that she would be the right person to help me improve my lifting technique and design my programming. I follow an online program Alicia designed for me and see her for occasional one-on-one sessions in order to check my form and learn new exercises. She is always thoughtful and helpful when providing feedback and makes sure that I remember what we worked on by following up with videos and a recap email.”


Tina Mobayen, PersonaL Training

“I was fortunate enough to start my strength training journey with Alicia. She has taught me how to lift weights safely and effectively, and now after a year of consecutively training, I can confidently lift heavy weights with proper form and control. Alicia makes every session challenging but at the same time rewarding. I went from having zero fitness level to making strength training an integral part of my lifestyle”





Will I have to complete a fitness test?

Yes! We will do a Functional Movement Systems screening to check for imbalances, mobility, stability and motor control issues. This will allow us to discover which exercises to implement to help you improve your functionality and reduce risk of injury. You Are Weightless does not offer body composition analysis.


What shall I wear?

Please wear whatever type of gym clothes you are most comfortable in whether that be leggings, sweat pants, shorts, t-shirt, tank top, etc. Clean athletic footwear is required.


Will I have a locker?

There is a locker room and you are free to use any vacant locker you’d like. Please bring a lock with you.


How do payment plans work?

Billing occurs between the 22nd-24th each month (depending on the closest business day). You may close your invoice with cash, e-transfer or credit card.


Is there parking available?

There is street parking near by, meter parking right out front, and the Wholefoods parking lot across the street from the gym. Wholefoods will reimburse your parking fee if you spend a minimum of $20 in the store so it’s very handy if you need groceries!


Can you train me in my home gym?

If our schedules align and your home gym is in Fairview, Olympic Village or Yaletown I can come to your home.


How many times a week should I train?

Ideally I would love to see you a minimum of 2 days a week. I also understand that everyone’s lifestyle and budget is different. If you can only make it in once a week I recommend adding on programming so that you can exercise more frequently while obtaining the benefits of accountability and expert advice.


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