What Is Orthorexia?

Orthorexia has been coined the "clean eating eating disorder" - When the intention to eat healthily becomes so extreme that one falls into an unhealthy mindset and lifestyle. This is very common amongst athletes, avid gym goers, and health & fitness professionals

One of the biggest challenges with orthorexia is that often the person suffering struggles to accept they have a problem. They have convinced themselves they are really, really healthy

Each person's underlying intentions behind their susceptibility to food and body image struggles are unique. It is vital to address what lead you there and heal yourself from within. Common triggers that awaken the root cause stem from mainstream fitness pop culture and the multi-billion dollar diet industry

Do You...?

  • Bully your body with your mind

  • Feel stuck following fad diets that don't work, battling binges and yoyo dieting, and trying to rectify it with intense exercise

  • Struggle with fear foods, orthorexia and clean eating obsession

  • Catch yourself constantly body checking

  • Label foods as “good” and “bad” and feel shameful when eating a "forbidden food"

  • Feel guilty if you miss a work out

  • Weigh yourself obsessively

  • Say unkind things to and about your body

  • Spend much of your time thinking about food and reading about dieting online

  • Isolate yourself from social settings because of the food

  • Obsess about counting your calories or macros

  • Believe supplement stacks and gimmicks are the gateway to good health

  • Base your worth on your sports performance or how much you exercise

  • Compare yourself to others

  • You might even judge others based on their food choices!

  • You constantly tell yourself you're "starting over" only to find yourself back in this trap!

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