“I have a unique situation...I am recovered from an eating disorder and have been an intuitive eater for over a year. I guess you could say that I traded one obsession for another and I just couldn't seem to let go of my exercise compulsion. I was happy with the way I looked, I appreciate fitness and being fit but I was so completely exhausted trying to keep up the hustle and I couldn't see a way out. This is where Alicia came into my life. She guided me through 24 weeks of soul searching by challenging me to find my worth beyond fitness. She assured me that it was ok to value fitness and want to maintain the fitness level I have worked so hard to achieve AND also find balance and intuition with my exercise routine. Working with Alicia truly changed my life for good. I see the world through a completely different lens since working with her. She challenged me and coached me but, most of all, she supported me and understood me. Alicia isn't just a life coach, she is an inspiration. She has been through her own struggles which is the exact reason I loved working with her. Alicia and I connected and I am so immensely grateful for her. My life is now an opportunity to live purposely, lovingly, happily and to the fullest. These things seemed impossible before working with Alicia and now I am so excited for each day. I am blessed to have worked with Alicia and I am eternally grateful.” - DH, Corona CA

"Alicia is an angel. Alicia has been pivotal in my recovery from an eating disorder and adrenal imbalance. Before she became my life coach, I started training with her after months of damage to my body, emotionally and physically. Prior to starting with her, I worked with a trainer who called me weak, undisciplined, wouldn’t even allow me to eat fruit and triggered fear of carbohydrate within me. I was starving, confused, disappointed, frustrated and low. Alicia was friendly, patient and nonjudgmental.

I had never met a personal trainer, actually a PERSON IN GENERAL who cares SO MUCH about your overall health and well-being. I was excited to learn that Alicia was becoming a life coach and started getting her coaching assistance in this aspect as well. Without Alicia, I could absolutely not have recovered mentally and physically. Alicia helped me get over fear foods, and appreciate and love myself. She taught me how to relax and how to enjoy life.  Alicia is kind, patient, compassionate, forgiving, open, warm and everything you need. She legitimately knows her stuff as she has been there herself. She is 100% different from other ‘coaches’ who say they understand body image struggles and can help you. No – I don’t think so. Not like Alicia. Alicia has struggled and overcome adversity and as such, she is a brilliant and compassionate coach. I’m so privileged to have worked with her. She constantly goes ABOVE AND BEYOND to make sure you are doing ok in life, give advice, listen and offer suggestions, despite her busy schedule.  Alicia has always supported me when I needed her. She is patient and kind beyond believe. During days where I hit rock bottom, she was there for me no matter what.  Alicia taught me my journey for true health and wellness requires self-love, patience and education.

I am more confident now than ever before thanks to Alicia. Her genuine love for health & fitness & helping others is so obvious and shines through to anybody that is lucky enough to meet her.  I’m lucky to call Alicia my coach and friend. I would recommend Alicia to anybody and everybody. I will never be able to express enough gratitude to her.” - AK, Vancouver BC

“Alicia is a bright light in the health and fitness world. She breaks away from the generally accepted idea of dieting, understanding that weight loss is not as simple as calories in, and calories out. By diving into the mind-body connection, she helped me uncover how my thoughts and the stress in my life was impacting my body, and consequently my weight. This was done through simple, but compassionate listening and a series of simple, but enlightening mental exercises. I now understand that my health and wellbeing is not only connected to my diet, but more importantly to my thoughts. By addressing these feelings and the mental barriers I face, the desire to eat balanced and prioritize my health naturally follow. Alicia's work is brilliant!” -Paula P, Toronto ON

"Working with Alicia was an incredible experience. I didn't realize that improving my relationship with my body would so greatly improve my relationships with others, my work or other areas of my life. Not only did Alicia have great insights, but the NLP coaching techniques were incredibly valuable in helping me learn new ways of seeing and speaking with myself. Some of the greatest lessons were involving personal responsibility, acceptance of what is, and joyful discipline. I knew that I was struggling with body image issues, that I had been for years, but I didn't realize how it was manifesting in other areas of my life. As an athlete, I saw my body as a tool, as a representation of my dedication to my training and as something to be judged. With Alicia's help I began to see my body as a beautiful and wonderful home and became increasingly grateful for all that it provided me. As a fitness coach, I had spoken these words to clients in the past, not realizing their emptiness, until Alicia helped me to truly feel the words and the spark of a connection to my body. 

I didn't realize that my body shame was causing me to hide my true self. Not only did Alicia help me to begin to love, respect and appreciate my body, but she has helped me remove the mask I had been hiding behind for years. I feel like myself for the first time in over a decade and I couldn't be more grateful to Alicia for her guidance. I know that my relationship with myself, with my body, will continue to need nurturing and that this is a lifelong journey and relationship, and I feel Alicia has given me some excellent tools and insights to help me along the way. "- Ali L, Prince George BC 

"Alicia is a complete wellness specialist in weight management, mental wellness and fitness. Alicia performed NLP treatments to improve my overall mind/body/emotional/spiritual connection so that I can stay active and more emotionally aware – the two main ingredients that are vital to living well and achieving my goals.  Alicia’s NLP treatments are very straight forward and non-threatening yet very effective in bringing forth a state of connectedness and centeredness. I highly recommend Alicia." - Lilly Woo, Vancouver BC

"After struggling with my body image and relationship with food since I was a young teenager, Alicia was the first person who helped me approach my struggles from a Self Love and Self Acceptance angle - and although it will always be an ongoing journey, I have never felt as comfortable in my own body as I do now.  Alicia provided me with tools and tips on how to incorporate daily self love exercises into my life that I can do from anywhere at anytime.  Her encouragement and passion towards helping others, both men and woman, find positive balance with their health is truly empowering.  She has definitely helped me see and understand that everyone is different in all shapes and forms - physically, metabolically, mentally, and emotionally." - Taryn Beauvais, Vancouver BC

"I’ve followed Alicia and been a fan of her social media pages for quite some time now. I recently attended one of her workshops and had a fantastic experience (not to mention that I was excited to finally meet her in person!!). The workshop exercises were designed to help everyone become more aware of the issues many of us face including food and “health” myths, eating disorders, low self esteem and media influences on such problems in our society. Best thing about Alicia is she is not shy to share her experiences and personal struggles with food and body image. I was impressed with the resources she provided for everyone to take home as it showed she really cared that we had the skills to put what we’d learned into practice. Alicia is a great role model for me personally and professionally in the health and fitness industry. I hope to continue to learn from her and be able to work with her more in the future. Thank you Alicia for being such a refreshing and honest leader in health and fitness. I’m sure many people like me are happy for your positive influence" - Shelby Maletz-Comm, Vancouver BC

“I am involved daily in the space of self-improvement and acceptance so I welcomed the opportunity to work with Alicia in a group setting. I found Alicia's guidance throughout her Self Love Event very eye and heart opening. She focuses on education to show us how to nourish and move our bodies from a place of respect. She teaches the importance of mindfulness in all aspects of life and even guided us through meditation to connect us to our deeper intuitions.

Working with Alicia left me feeling inspired to live my life on purpose, with intention and a renewed respect for myself and connection to others. I would absolutely recommend Alicia's coaching to anyone looking to do the same.” - Kirsten Kenward, Vancouver BC

"Over the past year Alicia has been coaching me on some very big transitions in my life. I could not have navigated through these changes with as much honesty and grace without her help. Her coaching skills helped me identify and focus on the most important aspects of this change and face the fears that have hindered me so much in the past. She helped me to clearly identify my values and use these guides to making life judgements and changes. Our discussions are forever in my memory. I highly recommend her. Thank you!” - Jax, Prince George BC